Prosperty Team

The Prosperty Team: Where Expertise Meets Excellence

Welcome to the Prosperty Team, the cornerstone of our success and dedication to bringing transformative real estate experiences to our clients. Each member of our distinguished team embodies a unique blend of passion, expertise, and commitment, ensuring that you receive unparalleled service every step of the way. From seasoned real estate veterans to astute financial strategists, our ensemble is meticulously curated to cater to every nuance of your property journey. As you delve deeper into our team’s profiles, you’ll discover the depth of knowledge, experience, and innovation that drives Prosperty forward. We invite you to meet the minds that are redefining real estate, one property at a time.

Ms. Bina Aditya: A Pillar of Expertise in Real Estate

Guiding PROSPERTY with over 15 years of unmatched expertise in the real estate industry, Ms. Bina Aditya is the dynamic force behind our real estate operations. She leads a robust team of advisors and consultants, with an uncanny ability to spot and harness novel opportunities in the Indian real estate landscape. Central to Bina’s leadership philosophy is an unwavering commitment to customer service, a principle she instils throughout our organization.

Bina’s journey began in the hospitality domain with the esteemed Taj Group of Hotels. Yet, her entrepreneurial zeal soon found her co-piloting a thriving garment manufacturing and export business alongside her spouse. Over two decades in the apparel world, she seamlessly bridged premier buyers, including industry giants like Gap, Banana Republic, and Polo Ralph Lauren, with renowned manufacturers such as Ambattur Clothing Ltd and Crystal Clothing Company.

Bina’s vision culminated in the founding of Prosperty, where she seamlessly transitioned her skills and acumen to real estate. As the Partner & head of client management, she meticulously oversees operations, fostering relationships with clients and fortifying collaborations within Prosperty. Her relentless drive for excellence and an intrinsic passion for service positions her as an invaluable cornerstone of our leadership team.

Mr. Praveen Saanker: Crafting Financial Legacies 

As a renowned Family Office Advisor, Mr Praveen Saanker has forged a legacy of guiding Ultra High Net Worth clients globally. His multifaceted expertise spans Finance, Real Estate Portfolio Management, Asset Reconstruction, Wealth Management, Investment Banking, REITs, Real Estate PMS, and intriguingly, Psychology. A proud alumnus of the University of Canterbury, he holds a Doctorate in Psychology, enriching his approach to financial advisement.

Praveen’s primary focus lies in steering family business magnates and upcoming leaders. He offers sagacious advice on family constitutions, assets, and investment trajectories while adeptly harmonizing familial and business dynamics.

Before pioneering his consultancy, Praveen carved a niche in Investment Banking and Wealth Management. His global tenure in Private Banking and Family Wealth Advisory, amplified by his prowess in Estate Planning and Risk Management, saw him ascend to leadership stints with stalwarts like HSBC Bank and ASK Wealth Advisors. At HSBC, as Senior Vice President of Wealth Management and Premier Banking, he was pivotal in elevating the bank’s market stature. As a founding luminary of the ASK Group and its Director of Strategic Solutions for their Family Office, Praveen championed the firm’s celebrated Family Office Practice, driving expansive growth and reputation across diverse asset management arenas.

Ms. P. Anitha, Chartered Accountant: A Luminary in Real Estate Taxation with Over Two Decades of Mastery

As the driving force behind ‘ANITHA & CO’, Ms. P. Anitha, a distinguished Chartered Accountant, has solidified her position as a leading authority in Accounting, Auditing, and Tax Advisory Services. With unparalleled expertise in real estate taxation, garnered over more than twenty years, she exemplifies unmatched proficiency in the field. Under her leadership, the firm comprises a team of adept Chartered Accountants who pledge to offer holistic, client-centric services.

In addition to its core offerings, ‘ANITHA & CO’ extends its expertise to Corporate and Tax consultancy. They proficiently navigate clients through the intricate terrains of registering a vast array of entities, from Firms and Companies to Trusts and Societies, including Co-operative Societies. Furthermore, their prowess extends to areas like Project Finance and ERP Implementation.

Serving an expansive spectrum of industries — Construction, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Mining and engineering, Healthcare, IT, Education, Non-Profits, Transportation, and Logistics, Ms. Anitha’s sagacious insights in Accounting, Auditing, and Taxation set the firm apart. Her speciality in tax audit services related to property and real estate law, in particular, marks a gold standard in the industry.

A&N Care Solicitors: A Legacy of Excellence in Real Estate Law Spanning Over 15 Years

Founded by the esteemed trio, S. Nirmal Aditya, Arun Saravanan, and Narasimha Varman L, A&N Care Solicitors have carved a niche for themselves in delivering precise and efficient legal solutions to a diverse clientele, ranging from individuals to prominent corporates. Their team, enriched with seasoned independent attorneys, revered legal counsels for public sector banks, and luminaries from major corporations and respected law firms, radiates a mastery in real estate law that’s unparalleled in its 15-year tenure. Known for their prowess in navigating intricate legal terrains, they’ve successfully represented an expansive range of clients — from established banks and real estate entities to burgeoning national and international startups. Their commitment also shines through their altruistic endeavours, offering pro bono legal services and championing Public Interest litigation to benefit society at large.